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With One Seed

WithOneSeed is the first Gold Standard verified carbon forestry program in Timor Leste. It is working with subsistence  farming communities to replant their forests thereby creating a carbon store to build local economies, deliver practical education and training in agroforestry and permaculture to create a more sustainable, equal and just world.

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August 2022

PlanetY team transferred the first donation in the equivalent of 20 Carbon Social credits to WithOneSeed organization. 


Each Carbon Social credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide (COe) and is 100% guaranteed certified by Gold Standard and audited by the Rain Forest Alliance.

Sequestered by the WithOneSeed community tree program in Baguia, Timor-Leste, Carbon Social credits contribute to making environments more sustainable, helping end poverty and hunger, increasing access to education and training and building regional partnerships.

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