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Meet one of our Nature Partners: ClimateSeed

These days many of us are aware of the devastating effects of climate change on our planet, but find it difficult to meaningfully contribute to mitigating it, in a way that is doable and accessible to us.

When developing PlanetY our mission was to create an engaging game that helps users co-finance climate change mitigation, while also having fun. We do this with the help of our Nature Partners: foundations, NGOs and trusts who influence real change in our world today. But how does you playing a game translate into mitigating climate change? We’re going to show you today, while also introducing one of our Nature Partners: ClimateSeed.

ClimateSeed is a social cause-driven company launched during the Global Social Business Summit in November 2018 with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Yunus. ClimateSeed helps fund projects to preserve our environment and to target the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We partnered with them on their Renewable Energy Project that aims to complete a 400 MW solar power project at Bhadla in Rajasthan (India) developed by EnKing Int'l. The purpose of this renewable energy project in Rajasthan is to generate power using solar energy and sell the power generated to the state grid, which is mainly dominated by thermal/fossil fuel.

When playing PlanetY you’ll have the option to select a monthly subscription. Your subscription directly contributes to ClimateSeed’s renewable energy initiative, as a percentage of it is given to our Nature Partners. Plus, each point earned in the game means money granted to one of our Nature Partners. Our partners report back to us periodically about what they have achieved with these funds in order to make our process transparent and accessible.

The exact math behind this we’ll explain in future blog posts where we deep dive into our subscription contributions and our Magic 3 system.

We’ll continue this series by explaining the exact math behind our set-up in future blogposts, where we’ll dive deep into our subscription contributions and our Magic 3 system. Here's the first contribution made by PlanetY to ClimateSeed certificate:

And that's only the beginning... Together we can really change the world!

(currently we're at the Beta Testing stage, so to test our game, please, download TestFlight app and then use the link above)

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