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Gaming communities mitigating climate change and making a difference in the world


It can easily be said that we’re all aware of the many issues that humankind will have to face in our lifetimes. However, actually stepping up and doing something about these issues is a different story altogether, especially when we don’t even know where to start. How can I, one person, do something meaningful to influence change? How could I contribute to mitigate climate change in a way that’s truly beneficial to those in need?

The answer? Communities that band together for a single, shared goal. You might be surprised to learn that the gaming industry is one of the leading forces encouraging the forming of communities today. Gaming not only provides a form of escapism and stress relief for most of us, but also gives us somewhere to belong to. Gaming communities have been around for decades, and they just continue to grow as time goes on.

There have been numerous examples of gaming communities banding together to help make real change. If we take the past few years for example, did you know that while all of us were battling the pandemic, gamers worldwide worked alongside scientists to better understand the virus? Gamers were able to look at over 13 million samples and have provided scientists with key data for their research. (Source: Charities around the world, comprised entirely of gamers, help disabled and hospitalized kids feel included in our society, while developing various skills and interests through the world of gaming ( , ). As such, the impact of these communities cannot be understated, and their value must be utilized to combat other vital issues that our world is facing.

We believe that communities have the power to create lasting change that benefits our environment and battles climate change, all the while doing something we already enjoy doing: gaming. That is why we created PlanetY with the mission of doing something meaningful for our planet. Join our community of gamers and understand how your in game actions directly contribute to the important work done by our Nature Partners, such as fighting deforestation, creating access to renewable energy and increasing biodiversity. Moreover, being a part of our community, you have a say in how we shape and further develop the PlanetY Game.


You too, can easily step up and make a worthwhile contribution in the gaming world and in the fight for our planet’s future.

Join our Discord Community and band together with like-minded people to make difference.

By PlanetY Team

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