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To heal our planet's climate and biodiversity, we intend to attract 25 millions active players to bring ONE billion 💰 to climate, biodiversity and local communities projects 🌍🌎🌏

To do so, PlanetY brings three communities together: the 2.5+ billions mobile gamers, purpose-driven brands, and nature partners. Each community has a specific role in the PlanetY ecosystem:

  • Mobile gamers download PlanetY on their Android / iOS smartphone or tablet - free to play, no ad to watch. Then the player can take a $5, $10 or $15 monthly subscription to keep progressing and have a meaningful impact on our planet  i.e. up to 50% of the subscription go directly to our accredited nature partners which take action to mitigate climate change & biodiversity loss. Our Magic3 in-house system provides the player with an ongoing view on their actual contribution to CO2e capture, wildlife protection and local human communities support.

    When subscribed, players also receive an opportunity to co-shape the evolution of the PlanetY virtual world (see Decentralization below). Players are encouraged to share their achievements around them and invite friends - together, we have more impact! So you wonder what happens with players who do not take a subscription? Well... while we would love to have them play for free indefinitely, we also need to ensure that our whole ecosystem is carbon neutral (obviously). Hence, after a while, players are strongly invited to take a subscription :) to be able to keep playing - at the end, we all want to have a positive impact!

  • Purpose-driven brands co-fund specific gaming missions within the PlanetY virtual world: they activate and empower players to have a positive impact on our planet's climate, biodiversity and local communities. Thanks to their co-funding $, those partner brands accelerate the impact the active mobile players have through their monthly subscriptions. We ensure purpose-driven brands are part of our ecosystem to prevent potential #greenwashing and drive adoption as well as a virtuous cycle. 

  • Nature partners plant trees and mangrove (e.g. Seed of Life / Graine de Vie NGO), fund on-the-ground regenerative agriculture (e.g. reNature), protect wildlife (e.g. Chimpanzee Trust), shelter local communities in need (e.g. Selavip), etc. They report back to PlanetY what they have achieved on the ground with the funds received from the players and purpose-driven brands. The nature partners we select have been accredited by external standards, are validated by our own experts, enable the Magic3 (climate, biodiversity, local community), and have low overhead (ie the bulk of the money goes to on-the-ground projects) among other key criteria.


Download PlanetY fun action & build game for iOS or Android - easy, free & no ads to watch :)


Help Eva & Alex develop PlanetY in balance and prevent the greedy Oomers' invasions!


Take a $5, $10 or $15/mth subscription and have a REAL positive impact on our planet & climate! 


Purpose-driven brands boost 2x to 3x your positive impact and you share around you - deal? :)


Many people feel deep down that humanity is harming nature on our planet - in myriad ways including pollution, carbon emissions, deforestation.

Some people may feel at a loss: they are not confident that humanity has this licked, many are at least somewhat  skeptical about promises by government and business.

Some turn to climbing the barricades or stopping meat and flights, but a majority may have little hope and stays disengaged.

In PlanetY, players get engaged in saving our planet in a fun and lightly rebel way.

Through our Magic 3 system that links the virtual game to real-world action, players experience a sense of achievement about saving our planet. A sense of promise - and action - is back !


Covidis is an impact start-up funded by its founders as well as benevolent and established investors.

We intend to start our decentralization process among the players and our key stakeholders in terms of control and decision making as Covidis ecosystem evolves and grows.

First steps include our growing Discord community as well as the co-creation opportunity that players will get on PlanetY evolution when they take a monthly subscription.​

In the medium term, we are also looking into Crypto and NFT which could bring nice benefits in terms of decentralization, adoption, and scaling. That said, we will carefully assess the potential carbon footprint and have a close look at the evolution and opportunities of that space in the coming months.

More info to come soon...

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