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👋 Hey There

Thank you for your interest in PlanetY. 

Below you will find a small instruction on how to test the game and provide feedback

Quick download through TestFlight:

How to test the Game

  1. First, download the TestFlight app – it is a platform where you can get access to the Game in Beta Testing mode. 

  2. Then click on this invite link to get access to PlanetY in TestFlight 

  3. Done? Cool, now the most interesting part – playing the game and making screenshots whenever you want to report an issue or a bug. 

  4. To submit feedback during the game process, you can use 2 options:

  5. After you're done with testing, please leave your general feedback through this form 

Want to further co-create PlanetY? Join our Discord channel and become a part of PlanetY community of gamers, eco-activists, designers etc. 

Thank you so much for taking part in Beta Testing and PlanetY development!

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