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In 2020, the International Space Station discovered a livable green planet. 


A spaceship full of OOMERS was sent to exploit and monetize this new planet. The Climate Action Society squad is now trying to protect it... ​


Your mission - should you dare to accept it - is to develop this magnificent planet with the right balance and prevent the funny OOMERS from destroying ​it!


Join our mission today as the first 1000 subscribers get to name the planet!


Have fun

Go through challenging build and action campaigns and co-shape the evolution of PlanetY


Break old rules

To protect & develop the planet you should be brave and inventive. Breaking the 20th century rules is a must.


Make a difference

YOU play, WE bring your contribution to the real world. No #greenwashing, just the real actions!


Build community

Connect with other explorers, invite friends and build a cool & exciting future together.



To heal our planet's climate and biodiversity, we intend to attract 25 million active gamers to bring one billion 💰 to climate, biodiversity and local communities projects.

How? We bring a fun, lightly rebel 😇 and sustainability-focused virtual world to the 2.5+ billion casual and advanced gamers community and empower them to save our climate and biodiversity - for real! 🌍🌏🌎

Thanks to our Magic3 system and accredited Nature Partners 🌱 the purpose-driven actions taken by players in the PlanetY virtual world are mirrored in the real world – and contribute to CO2 capture, wildlife protection and human education on those themes (e.g. tree and mangrove planting, ocean clean-up, water conservation, etc) ...

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